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Chapter 1

Welcome to my side project. When I'm not creating images, movies and other content for my clients, I'm rebuilding my VWt4 bus called WatsOn.

I often call myself a "digital nomad", which I was regularly before 2020. Traveling and working on the road. But never for a long time.

When the whole world stood still in 2020 and I was finally allowed to travel to Galicia in May 2021 (through pure super-spontaneity), It got me again. The travel fever; Two weeks surfing vacation became a month and when I arrived back in my apartment in Solothurn, it was clear to me: I want to go again and a month is not enough for me, it has to be longer.

Never in my life did I think that I would own a car, not to mention a bus. My world turned 180° in Galicia and that's exactly what I needed after a very difficult time.

After a few weeks at home and a lot of research, I wrote down what kind of vehicle I wanted. It should be a kind of "construction site car", low budget, no more than 200'000 kilometers, diesel, manual transmission, etc. Although I never wanted a VW bus, an advertisement had not let me go. A white VWt4, former gardener's vehicle, under my budget, lots of space,... - simply everything I had written down on my little list.

Now I present it to you:

Watson has just over 187000km has been on the roads since 1995 and will accompany me on my April 2022 trip to France, Northern Spain and Portugal.

I have never owned a car and therefore most of the time I have no idea what I am doing. In order to acquire certain bus conversion skills, I am spending hours watching Youtube movies and reading article after article on how what works best. So far I'm enjoying it extraordinarily, although WatsOn isn't driving a meter right now because his preheater is broken. But there too I see a solution on the horizon.

Ah and how I got the van in Ticino and the first small problem areas I discovered during the dismantling of WatsOn..... I'll tell you about that in the next chapter. On occasion.

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